what if DP/Minecraft AU

The Fentons were working on a portal to The End in order to eradicate the exceedingly dangerous endermen; Danny gets caught in the prototype, and ends up merging with an enderman on the other side, killing the enderman and merging the Enderpearl inside Danny’s chest.

Danny, Sam, and Tucker go to a mining academy together. After essentially becoming half enderman, Danny gets easily irritated when stared at, and he’s prone to attacking when in his ender-form. But over time, he gets used to the gazes of people he’s close to (though he can have relapses).

If he finds a particularly nice piece of… anything, he has a habit of grabbing it and holding onto it for long periods of time, going into a semi trance-like state, like enderman do. Usually at the expense of whatever Sam and Tucker are doing. He also sometimes teleports at random times. In this, only “purified” water truly hurts endermen, they just plain dislike regular water. Danny gets especially grumpy when out in the rain.

He’s also got a “berserk mode”, which I may draw later, where he loses nearly all rationality and becomes even scarier looking.

For now, Danny uses his power to protect his friends and family, as well as learn more about other enderman; and finds that while they’re powerful and terrifying, perhaps their kind isn’t as evil as people thought…