Global Game Jam!

WOWEE this was an amazing weekend! From Friday through Sunday evening (which included sleeping in the development rooms overnight), me and a team of a few other game designers created a game entirely from scratch. The universal theme for every Game Jam around the globe was the human heartbeat.

The game I lead designing was Ether Beat.

Here’s a link to our page on the GGJ site! The game itself isn’t online just yet, but it shouldn’t be long before the source files are added to this page so you can download and play it for free!

I was a sort of designated team leader since I came up with the concept, but Jen, the manager, did just as much work as I did with leading everyone. I was also lead artist and lead game designer. I made the backgrounds, the logo, and pretty much anything that’s super sparkly.

The idea I had was to take the human heartbeat, and look at how that could have meaning; the heartbeat symbolizes life, and can reflect our emotion. Using that thought, I wanted to make a simple, elegant, zen-like game that utilized beautiful music woven in a heartbeat, and graphics to represent how we travel through life meeting new people, making connections, and creating a symphony of music unique to each individual; as well as the journey our hearts take us through to live within our emotions. (though we were only able to make three levels with three emotions - our concept had seven in total)

Also, it’s really colorful and sparkly.