rant below the cut

oh my god

there is an actual blog actually and not ironically whining about “adult privilege”

and they say things like “children aren’t actually stupid/less intelligent than adults, society just makes them that way!” and “children should be allowed to make all the decisions adults make because they have to follow the law”

so when little Suzy doesn’t get her second ice cream cone or iphone from daddy, she has grounds to secede from the family because she clearly has enough real-world experience and therefore the perspective on just how horrible the situation really is

I just

are some people really that desperate to label themselves “oppressed” to justify their contempt for something?

guess what, sometimes it sucks being a kid. get over it. it sucks being an adult, too.

but for the love of god stop marginalizing the actually oppressed individuals out there whose lives are made difficult by society because of who they are - not who they are right now, but won’t be once they turn 18. children will grow out of that state. gays, females, and other minorities will not. they don’t get to wait 18 years then have all their rights and freedoms.

but hey, letting a 5 year old binge-drink because he can make that decision for himself is cool, amirite

a baby has to follow the law so therefore they should be able to vote amirite

it’s not like our brains don’t keep developing till we hit our 20’s

so there’s no actual reason why children are protected with more limited rights, it’s all just mean adults who want to oppress innocent little kids cause all adults are just evil and like hurting kids hoo hoo hee hee haa haa

should people completely disregard the ideas, thoughts, and opinions of the young? oh hell no. but keeping them from doing dangerous or stupid shit isn’t oppression, it’s protection.

there’s this thing called “going too far”