Artists, check it.

I saw a post just now on my dash that was an excerpt from this book, Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud.

If you’re any sort of visual artist, no matter your age, level of talent, or passion - READ THIS BOOK. The title is somewhat decieving; yes much of it is certainly about comics, but most of the content talks about all forms of art in general, and breaks down every point imaginable into simple, easy to read panels organized in such a way that’s not only immensely educational, but fun to read, too! The book itself is set up like a comic book, with illustrations that include an avatar of the author.

I actually had to read this book for an animation class, if I recall correctly. And man, I have to tell you, this is literally the only book I was vehement about not selling back to the school. It’s pure gold, and Scott is a genius.

Here it is on Amazon, and it’s super cheap! This book had to be the best read in my life when concerning my passion for art. I learned so much, and every ounce of material is so immensely useful for anyone in any artistic profession. The author doesn’t drawl on and on about semi-interesting or half-useful information; it’s quick, to the point, and easy to understand.

Did I mention it’s amazing?

Good. Now go buy it.