I feel like the only person who really dislikes Karkat/Terezi, and hopes to god it’s true that Terezi is fed up with him and gets hitched with Dave or something.

And it has nothing to do with messing with my OTP. As much as I’d love to see John/Karkat be an actual thing, I’m pushing for Karkat/Nepeta more. I just honestly do not like the chemistry between Karkat and Terezi at all. I feel like Karkat needs someone who has more capacity to be kind. He angers so easily, I feel like he’ll constantly be pissy with someone who likes to push his buttons and be snarky most of the time.

Whereas if he’s with someone like Nepeta, they can show him it’s okay to be kind and true to your feelings, even if that’s not how trolls normally act. I just feel like Karkat wants an excuse to be able to do that? He’s always going to be a little fireball but deep down, he has shown so much (almost human) compassion. That, and he seems like the biggest romantic sap out there, and Terezi seems like she’d entertain it for a bit but would rather continue to tease him instead.

Dave and Terezi seem so perfect, too. They are completely flipping adorable.